Trader Who Predicted $1,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Warns of Imminent Sell-Off

Trader Who Predicted $1,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Warns of Imminent Sell-Off

Alex Dovbnya

Henrik Zeberg, the trader who predicted that BTC could nose-dive to $1,000, tweets that a new liquidation phase is going to start today


Macroeconomist and trader Henrik Zeberg has just warned his followers about the start of a new liquidation phase in all major markets, including Bitcoin (BTC).

Zeberg reiterated that the U.S. Dollar was the king during the COVID-19 crisis, which is why he expects investors to flock to it once again.   

Cash still rules the roost

Despite all money-printing memes, greenbacks have so far proven to be the only safe haven since the start of the economic downturn. 

The dollar index (DXY) surged to its three-year high of nearly 103 on March 20 while stocks, gold, and Bitcoin were in the middle of a cataclysmic sell-off.

With 30 mln Americans losing their jobs in the span of six weeks, consumer spending tanked by 7.5 percent.       

Bitcoin and gold in the same boat

On Apr. 30, BTC has managed to skyrocket to $9,400, its highest level since February, but the euphoria around its recent rally quickly dissipated when the coin plunged back to $8,500.

After accurately calling Bitcoin’s humongous price drop back in March, Zeberg lowered his extremely bearish prediction to $1,000.

Meanwhile, he also predicts that the price of gold could tank to as low as $800 this year.  

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